7 miles were scheduled for half marathon training this past (freezing cold and foggy) Saturday, and I was contemplating feigning ill nervous. I’d never run farther than 5 miles in one bout before. Could I do it? Would my lungs survive? Would my legs make it? Only one way to find out: Run the miles and see.

And run them I did.

Around mile 5 my left knee began to burn (ITB pain = not awesome) but I kept running, determined to finish strong. The feeling of killing that run was nothing like I’ve ever known before; not only could I do it, I had done it. And I realized, stretching my wobbly legs, I am going to do it again. Over and over and over again. I will run farther, faster, longer. I will run my first 5K this Saturday, my first half marathon in February 2012 and my first marathon before 2013 (RnR Vegas, perhaps?). I will run. And it shall be glorious. 

Realization of newly-found inner strength and physical endurance (and newly-found ITB using a Tiger Tail for the first time…hurts so good), FTW.

  1. ironphenix said: I have had itb issues as well. foam rolling. icing. strengthening exercises and using an it band has helped so much. in fact i wear the it bands every time i run now as a preventative measure and I’ve had no issues (knock on wood). Proud of you!
  2. betternikki said: Way to go!
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